GNSS Baseline Processing Engine Wa2

The baseline processing engine Wa2 is designed for adding precise post-processing GNSS positioning capabilities to application software. Wa2 computes baseline coordinates based on the observations in RINEX-format of two GPS / GLONASS / Galileo / BeiDou / SBAS / QZSS / NavIC receivers. It is useful for obtaining sub-metre, decimetre, centimetre, or even millimetre level accuracies. If precise coordinates are provided for the first station, the processing results consist of absolute coordinates of the second station in the same reference system and in the form of Cartesian, ellipsoidal, or UTM coordinates.

Wa2 includes static and kinematic positioning based on sophisticated ambiguity search algorithms. Fast static processing is applicable to baselines with lengths of up to several kilometres or Virtual Reference Station (VRS) observations. It supports single and dual frequency processing. Antenna phase centre corrections can be applied to the observations. Wa2 processes precise ephemerides and estimates ionospheric and tropospheric models in the case of long baseline (up to a few 100 km). Then, it also uses ionosphere-resistant ambiguity resolution algorithms to obtain a high ambiguity fixing rate.

Wa2 is designed for an automatic processing without user interaction. The results are presented in several different formats. One output format can be configured individually by the user., 21 July 2018