Highly Precise GNSS network processing with WaPNet

Networks of GNSS stations are operated in order to observe station movements or to obtain reference observations for relative GNSS positioning. It is necessary for both applications to process the GNSS observations of the network and thus to yield highly precise station coordinates. The accuracy requirements are often in the order of few millimetres. They can be met with WaPNet as long as appropriate GNSS observation are provided.

WaPNet processes precise orbits and antenna phase centre corrections in order to produce highly precise results. Atmospheric parameters are estimated to support ambiguity resolution and to increase the accuracy of the coordinate results. Multi-stage ambiguity fixing is performed simultaneously on two signal frequencies. Since the processing is based on undifferenced observations, all correlations between observations are taken into account.

WaPNet was designed for an automatic processing with minimum user interaction. In a pre-processing step the available observation data is analyzed in detail for each network and session. Then the software selects the optimum data processing steps and parameters. After the processing the user may evaluate the completeness and quality of the obtained results based on the output listings.


WaSoft.de, 2020